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Page 7 Technical data Page 9 Assembly Page 9 Getting started To do so, please read the following assembly instructions and the health and safety instructions through carefully.

Use the product only as described and for the training exercises described. Keep these instructions in a safe place. When passing this product on to third parties, you should also pass on all documents relating to it. Intended use The swing stepper is intended to be a exercise gadget for use in private households.

It is not approved for installation and use in therapeutic or professional gyms. The manufacturer does not assume any liability for damage arising from improper use. The product is not designed for commercial use. Description of parts 1 Platform 2 Frame pipe back 3 Plastic foot with supporting surface 4 Eyelet for elastic cords 5 Elastic cords 6 Cord handle 7 Adusting screw 8 Computer 9 Self-tapping screw 10 Plug 11 Proection 12 Computer display 13 MODE button 14 Snap hook Please check the supplied items immediately after you have unpacked them to ensure that they are complete and that the product and all of its parts are in perfect condition.

You should not assemble the product if there are any items missing. Danger to life and danger of accidents for infants and Children! Never leave children alone and unsupervised with the packaging material. Danger of suffocation. Always keep children away from the product.

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This product is not a toy! Do not leave children alone and unsupervised! The product is not a climbing frame or toy! Children or persons who lack the knowledge or experience to use the device or whose physical, sensory or intellectual capacities are limited must never be allowed to use the device without supervision or instruction by a person responsible for their safety.

Children must never be allowed to play with the device. When setting the device up, choose a place that offers enough space for assembly and training.

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The area chosen should be at least 2 x 2 metres in size and well ventilated. The subsurface must be level and straight. Check that the product has a secure footing. Oil might leak out of the hydraulic cylinders. Place the device on a level, non-slip base in order to avoid soiling or marking the subsurface.

Make sure that all parts are undamaged and correctly assembled. Improper assembly may eco slim sposob uzycia in inury. Damaged parts could adversely affect safety and function. Never undertake any changes to the device while exercising.

The hydraulic cylinders become hot when exercising. On no account should you touch them - not even after exercising.

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Never overload the kg swing stepper. The body weight of the user should not exceed kg. Do not use the swing stepper when you have bare feet. While exercising, wear comfortable, air-permeable clothing and trainers that have a non-slip sole.

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Never subect the swing stepper to high temperatures or moisture. Otherwise damage to the product may result. Regularly gyógynövényes kiegészítő fogyáshoz the condition of all parts and screw oints. You may have to tighten lose screws. Repairs may only be undertaken by authorised specialists. Only original parts may be used. Do not use a defective device until it has been repaired.

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Keep the stepper out of reach of other people when it is not in use. Check regularly that all the threaded connections are still tight and correctly seated. Check regularly that the elastic belts 5 are firmly attached and that the hydraulic shock absorbers are not leaking oil.

Do not use lefogy suffolk Swing-Stepper or elastic belts 5 if you discover anything wrong with them. Before using this exercise device for the first time, you must have a general checkup. Consult your doctor before starting to exercise. Present the doctor with the directions of use for this product and let the doctor draw up an individual exercise plan for you. Furthermore, consult a doctor if you are pregnant or if you are taking medication that influences your pulse, blood pressure or cholesterol level.

Do not exercise if you feel unwell or suffer from other illnesses. Do not exercise immediately after eating. Stop exercising immediately if the following symptoms occur: breathing difficulties, irregular heartbeat, extreme shortness of breath, drowsiness, dizziness, pain, nausea. Only continue exercising again after consulting your doctor. Do not exhaust yourself completely. At first, you should exercise at an appropriate range hogyan lehet eltávolítani a szemhéj zsírját performance and increase your exercise intensity slowly.

Don t forget to include warm-up and cool-down periods. Keep batteries out of the reach of children. Do not leave batteries lying around. There is a risk of children or animals swallowing them. Consult a doctor immediately if a battery is swallowed. This can cause them to overheat, burn or burst.

Never throw batteries into fire or water. The batteries may explode. Immediately remove a spent battery from the appliance. There is an increased risk of leakage otherwise! Check the battery regularly for leaks. Leaked or damaged batteries can cause chemical burns if eco slim sposob uzycia come into contact with the skin; in such cases you must wear suitable protective gloves. Remove the battery from the product if it is not going to be used for a prolonged period.

Make sure that the polarity is correct when you insert the battery. This is indicated in the battery compartment.

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Remove any used battery from the device. Very old or used batteries may leak. The chemical liquid will damage the product. Do not dispose of batteries in the domestic waste!

All consumers are required by law to dispose of batteries properly! Avoid contact with the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Use only batteries of the specified type see Technical Data. Assembly Make sure the product is only assembled by competent person.

The few assembly steps that have to be taken are described below. You will need to use the crosshead Philips screwdriver supplied. Figure A: Insert the two plastic feet eco slim sposob uzycia into the back frame pipe 2 in such a way that the supporting surface of the plastic feet 3 point backwards.

Screw the self-tapping screw 9 into each of the pre-drilled holes in the lower side eco slim sposob uzycia the frame pipe 2. Figure B: Turn the adusting screw 7 into the screw thread on the front frame of the swing stepper. Turning it clockwise will raise the platforms 1 ; turning it anticlockwise will lower the platforms 1 and thus decrease the step height.

Figure C: Pull the computer 8 upwards so that it comes off the casing. Insert the battery included in delivery into the battery compartment on the lower side of the computer 8. Ensure correct polarity. Ensure that the plug 10 is correctly plugged in. Insert the computer 8 back into the casing again. To do so, press gently on the proection Make sure that the cable does not bend or am.

Figure D: Select the desired elastic cords 5. Three different strengths are supplied for various loads. Eco slim sposob uzycia also the table under Getting started. Now attach the elastic cords 5. Attach the two elastic cords 5 by means of snap hooks 14 in the respective eyelet 4.

Before every training session please ensure that the elastic cords 5 are securely attached. The swing stepper is now ready for use. Otherwise this may result in inuries or damage to the swing stepper.

Note: Unhook the elastic cords 5 if you do not need them for exercising. This will help you avoid the danger of stumbling. Finally, check that all nuts, bolts and screws are securely tightened. Getting started You can fogyjak vagy fogyjak nearly all your body with this swing stepper.

Grupa Rodentica specjalizuje się w rozwoju, produkcji oraz sprzedaży rotacyjnych instrumentów stomatologicznych. Naszym celem jest zapewnienie dostawy wysokiej jakości produktów wykonanych z najwyższą precyzją oraz przy użyciu najlepszych materiałów. Oferujemy szeroki asortyment instrumentów stosowanych w gabinetach oraz laboratoriach stomatologicznych. Nasz zespół specjalistów został poddany szkoleniom w oparciu o najnowocześniejsze trendy. Eszközök fogorvosi és fogtechnikai laboratóriumok.

Besides up and down, the exercise motion also goes sideways. This means that you will tone your hips, buttocks and stomach as well as the inner and outer muscles of your thighs in particular. The elastic cords 5 are to help you improve your upper arm muscle strength while exercising.

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Carefully read all safety and health care instructions through. Warming up: In order to avoid the risk of inuries, you should always warm up and relax your muscles before doing any exercise. Set aside about 5 to 10 minutes to warm up your muscles before you start exercising. For example, walk or run on the spot and swing your arms in circular motions. At the beginning, you should exercise at a level that does not strain you.

Silvercrest SKSH 2 A1 User Manual | 2 pages | Also for: SKSH 2 B1

Slowly increase the intensity. As someone who is new to exercising, start with ust 3 minutes a day. In the first 2 weeks, increase the exercise time to not more eco slim sposob uzycia 10 minutes. After that you can increase the intensity. Press one pedal all the way down until it is lying on the base frame by firmly pressing the foot down on the platform 1. Now step onto this platform 1 with the appropriate foot and place the other foot on the fogyni 40 után 1 that is up in the air.

Use the exercise device as if you were climbing stairs. Keep your breath as calm and as measured as possible. Always pay attention to your body s reactions when exercising.

Stop exercising immediately if you feel any pain or feel ill. Do not stop exercising abruptly. Gradually slow the step speed down. In order to get off the device, press one platform 1 right down and first remove the foot on the other platform 1 that is in the air. After that, get off the other platform 1.